Breast Cancer

One in Eight Women in Australia will develop Breast Cancer before the age of 85


What is it?

  • Breast cancer is a group of abnormal cells which continues to grow and multiply. Eventually these cells may form a lump in the breast. If the cancer is not removed or controlled the cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body and may eventually cause death.
  • Largely treatable and the survival rate is at an all time high.
  • However, if the tumor spreads to another part of the body, treatments are not generally effective and the survival rate is not good.
  • Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australian women
  • Breast cancer is not one disease, but a complex group of different types of tumors. Different tumors respond to different treatments.

How does it Develop

  • Cells typically multiply
  • Mutations occur when gene that normally checks the replication process fails
  • These abnormal cells multiply rapidly instead of dying
  • Sometimes not cancerous (non-invasive tumor) when remain in duct or small lobe: called cysts or fatty tumors
  • Cancerous when spread to other tissues
  • Some cancers start in tissue not ducts or lobes: called sarcomas or lymphomas
  • Metastasize: Cells spread through lymph fluid. The most common places that breast cancer spreads to are the bones, liver, lung and brain

Young Women and Breast Cancer

  • Nearly 800 young women will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year in Australia – > 2 women under 40 each day
  • relatively uncommon
  • younger women have denser breast tissue which shows up on mammograms as white, indistinguishable from tumors which also show up as white, like finding a snowball in a blizzard
  • huge shock
  • disproportionate burden of impact: childrearing and raising years, affects their ability to work and earn an income.
  • more aggressive breast cancers
  • higher risk of the cancer spreading
  • Higher chance of the breast cancer returning
  • more likely to die from the disease regardless of the stage of the cancer
  • Treatment needs to be more aggressive
  • Physical and psychological changes, infertility and early menopause

The message from Happy Baby Yoga & Massage:

Please check your Breasts once a month, preferably the day after your period finishes. Look, Love and Learn. Look for irregularities, Love your boobs have a good feel and Learn what is normal for your body. Reduce your chances. Catch the cancer early.


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