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This is what used to come to mind when I thought about Meditation. It seemed like it was for those who had more insight and calmness in their lives. Or simply put, people who had their shit together. I felt that when I sat down and attempted to Meditate, to think about nothing, I had more thoughts than ever running through my head. I would go from thinking about what I needed to pick up from the shops that afternoon, to how I needed to put my holiday leave request in at work and buy those flights I had been eyeing off. Then would panic thinking the price has probably increased by now and then would start getting angry at myself for being so unorganised, but then realise more importantly that now I was thinking about too many things and was angry at myself for not being able to meditate. And this was all in the first minute! How people manage to sit still for an hour and meditate was beyond me.

That was all before I started my Yoga Teacher Training course. As part of our course we had to do a Meditation course. I arrived on the day equipped with nothing, and having no idea what I was in for. As we are learning to become yoga teachers I assumed we would be learning how to teach meditation to our students via lectures and tutorials. How wrong I was. Instead we strapped in for a day of full immersion, including having to be completely silent for the entire day. We started doing meditations for 10 minutes, by the end of the day we were sitting still in meditation for 45 minutes. It was unbelievable.

Not all of us are able to fit in a full days Meditation retreat or month long quest, however at the end of yoga classes many teachers will help guide Savasana, the rest period at the end of the class. As I know how lost I was when it came meditation, I am passionate about helping people learn some simple techniques to assist them begin in the journey to a clearer, calmer mind. It is useful for improved concentration, memory and general productivity throughout the rest of your week.

Once our Yoga classes begin at the end of this year at Happy Baby Yoga you will learn techniques such as Sama Vritti, Golden thread breathing, Visualisation exercises and Mindfulness.


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