Caffeine in the Modern World


Perth, WA.

A caffeine and adrenaline fuelled society, where we now need to get our coffees take-away as we are all too busy to stop and enjoy a hot cuppa joe and sit down for 10 minutes.

Are we really too busy?

Do we really need coffee to keep us going?

What is it doing to our health?

These are all significant questions that we are “too busy” to stop and think about. We know all things are fine in moderation, but as much Barista housemate tells me often people pop in for a flat white 3 times a day, often ordering double shots as well. The implications on the heart are not very good at all.

We also forget about what our caffeine addiction is doing to our environment. Never before have we seen so much pollution from a single beverage that takes less then 10 minutes to enjoy, and can not be recycled as many people believe.

Coffee and Tea are two of our favourite drinks and they are both enjoyed socially and alone. It may be a legal easily accessible drug like nicotine, it may not be as addictive but it most definitely is easy to get into a habit of reliance. It is believed that 600mg of Caffiene is the maximum anyone should be drinking in one day, which is approximately four cups of coffee or six cups of tea. With a fatal dose being 170 mg/kg (ABC, 2013).

Short-term effects:

  • contraction of the muscles, which can cause twitching;
  • an increased heart rate;
  • slowing of blood flow to the stomach;
  • constriction of blood vessels on the skin;
  • liver releases more sugar into the bloodstream;
  • breathing tubes open up.

Long-term effects:

  • anxiety
  • tremors
  • increased heart rate
  • nervousness
  • stomach upsets
  • insomnia
  • increased blood pressure

There is so much research out there trying to defend our addiction to this tasty drug. I think I will stick to my usual life advice, anything is fine in moderation. As long as I take my Keep Cup I can have one a day, maybe two.


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